Bay area fine artist peter baron

Mind of An Artist.

Peter Baron is a popular bay area fine artist out of the East Bay.

Peter's styles range greatly, and he enjoys it when people don't easily know that he had done the piece they are looking at.

He brings his original artwork into the bay area music scene by hosting an all-improvisational jazz series with top bay area musicians.

Peter has been around with his art. Back in the early 90's he was formerly represented by the Jain Marounchi Gallery and the Abney Gallery galleries, both on Broadway in the Soho area of New York City, 3 Restaurants in the West Hollywood area of West Hollywood, High end clothing shops, was a special guest artist at the 1992 Playboy Jazz Festival, and more.

Peter is also responsible for the creation of the popular Impulse Room Jazz Club in Walnut Creek, CA.

After Covid, Peter is now enjoying the merger of his art and original music by creating The Backyard Improv.

Tune in to learn more about some of the top bay area musicians.