Xtemporize podcast

Hosted by Peter Baron and Raine Jordan

Bay area fine artist and host of The Backyard Improv Peter Baron and his co-host Raine Jordan, from Audio Key Reviews, magazine interview top bay area musicians and those involved in Peter's all-improvisational Jazz Series. The Podcast show, like the concert series, is totally unscripted and unrehearsed.

Learn more about these incredible musicians. The Xtemporize podcast is has a youtube channel that uploads video excerpts from each episode. The full (Audio Only) interview is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Audible.

Mike mendoza

Bay area Saxophonist and Flautist.

Mike Mendoza is a new member of The Backyard Improv and has already made a big impact. His sounds and style is as smooth as it gets. On top of that he has become an art collector. He stands in front of his newly acquired collection of paintings all by Peter Baron